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View document W. R. Baines Whirlwind 1937 dimensioned scale drawing for model making courtesy of Scotford Lawrence (268Kb) V.C.C.
View document W. Sawyer catalogue c.1859, scanned from a photocopy (502Kb) V.C.C.
View document W.J. Ison, Cambridge, advertisement 1902 (452Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wachtell `Halladay` envelope 1895 (10Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wadham Brothers of Waterlooville head badge 1950s (345Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wait, Lomas & Fox badge (298Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wait, Lomas & Fox `Clyde` No.2 (327Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wakefield lad on boneshaker (12Kb) V.C.C.
View document Walbro of Ely cycle agents Raleigh advertisement 1923 (1.45Mb) V.C.C.
View document Walker & Co. `Arrow` advertisement from Middlesex & Bucks Advertiser 1899 March 11 (197Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wall Auto-Wheel catalogue 1914 and articles, scanned from photocopies (14.2Mb) V.C.C.
View document Walls ice cream carrier 1930s (25Kb) V.C.C.
View document Wally Green 21 in. frame images (7.4Mb). 40 images of this early (undated) frame which has the Nervex open or short point lugs (as per Wally Green catalogue) and is numbered as follows:- 5075 A on n/s of seat lug, 72 (degrees) on o/s of seat lug, 5075 on n/s rear dropout, 5075 and 2869 on b/b, 2869 on fork stem, NERVEX 59 (degrees) 3064 (degrees) D22 (2) 636 on b/b. V.C.C.
View document Walter C Sanger button pin 1896 (33Kb) V.C.C.
View document Walter Greaves catalogue 1947 (2Mb) V.C.C.
View document Walter Wragg `Mountwell` 1910 (33Kb) V.C.C.

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